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Police Who Killed Young Black Daunte Wright In Minneapolis Resign



Police who killed young black Daunte Wright in Minneapolis resign. Agent Kim Potter, a veteran of the corps and president of the police union, “accidentally” confused her stun gun with her firearm.

The protests by racial violence and police abuse continued for a second night in Minneapolis , United States , after Sunday one kill agent shot at the young African American Daunte Wright , who had stopped for a minor traffic violation. This Tuesday, the agent involved, Kim Potter , has resigned “in the best interest of the community” while investigating what happened.

As explained by the American press, Potter, 48, is a veteran of the city police , where she has worked for 26 years and has served as president of her union. “I have loved every minute of being a police officer and serving this community to the best of my ability, but I think the best thing for the community, the department and my colleagues is that I immediately step down,” Potter wrote, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. .

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon also resigned Tuesday after learning of the agent’s resignation.

Confused his stun gun
This Sunday, Potter had Wright park for wearing an air freshener hanging from his car’s rear view mirror. The official version explains that when they saw that the 20-year-old had an arrest warrant pending, they tried to handcuff him, but he slipped away to get back into the car.

At that moment, according to a video published by the local police, the agent threatened to use her taser and immediately fired, but not with her electric shock gun, but with her regulation firearm.

The press points out that Potter was already involved in a deadly shooting in the past . It was in 2019, when he arrived at a house in the suburbs of Minneapolis where two other police officers had shot up to six times at a man with a mental illness who allegedly took a knife at them. Potter ordered the officers to go to their cars and accompanied one of them to the police station as the president of the union. Both officers were not charged.

Amid mounting tension in Minneapolis during the third week of trial for the murder of George Floyd , former US President Barack Obama has tweeted about the need to “conduct a full and transparent investigation, but it is also a reminder of how much that we need to reimagine police work and public safety in this country. “

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