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Mozambique Asks For Funds To Alleviate Sufferings Of Victims Of Islamic State



Mozambique asks for funds to alleviate the suffering of the population victim of the Islamic State. Around a million people are now severely affected by hunger.

Islamic State attacks have intensified in the last year in the northern part of the country.

The World Food Program (WFP) has asked for 82 million dollars (about seven million euros) on Tuesday to increase its aid in northern Mozambique , where the Islamic State has been wreaking havoc for months.

“While the security situation continues to deteriorate, more than 950,000 people in northern Mozambique are now seriously affected by hunger, ” explained a spokesman for the United Nations agency , Tomson Phiri , at a press conference in Geneva.

WFP plans to assist around 750,000 displaced people , as well as vulnerable members of the communities that host them, in the northern provinces of Cabo Delgado , Nampula , Niassa and Zambezia . For more than three years, jihadist armed groups have ravaged the mostly Muslim Cabo Delgado province .

Added to the usual fear is that the beginning of Ramadan “leads to a sharp increase in the number of attacks by the Islamic State (IS) around the world every year,” as an expert on the terrorist group consulted by AFP recalls.

Last attack
“That they attack the port of Pemba (in Cabo Delgado) is what everyone fears, but it is absolutely impossible to say where they will attack next,” says Dino Mahtani , of the NGO International Crisis Group (ICG).

Experts fear that Pemba, which is a logistics hub for gas facilities , with a port and airport, an administrative headquarters and a base for NGOs, is a serious target . “It is likely that the militants have already infiltrated, ” according to the risk consultancy Pangea-Risk .

However, the last attack occurred on March 24. It was a bloody assault that covered the port city of Palma , also in Cabo Delgado, in mourning . “As a result of the atrocious attacks in the city of Palma, families and individuals have had to abandon their property and livelihoods and flee for safety, ” said Phiri.

The violence unleashed more than three years ago in the province of Cabo Delgado intensified again two weeks ago, when armed groups attacked the city of Palma.

Militants linked to the Islamic State have stepped up attacks in Cabo Delgado province over the past year , killing villagers, fighting the army and taking cities. That is why WFP is organizing the distribution of food aid for families who have fled the violence in Palma. The organization distributes high-energy cookies and ready-to-eat food rations, canned food and enough water for two weeks.

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